What should you do in case of Dental Emergency?

Temporary Crown Off

We recommend using a denture adhesive called Fixodent to put your temporary back on. Fixodent can be found at any drug store or general store such as Walmart or Target on the dental isle with denture products. To place your temporary back on your tooth you will need a paper towel to dry both the tooth and the inside of the temporary. Place a small drop of Fixodent inside of the temporary then place it on your tooth. Apply firm pressure for a few seconds. This is a temporary solution that will not hold for very long, you will need to call the office to schedule to have the temporary re-cemented. If your temporary has come off after hours please leave a voicemail so we may call you when we return to the office for available times.

Cold Sensitivity

If you had a recent restoration done it is normal to have cold sensitivity for a week to ten days. If you are having intense cold as well as pressure please call as we may need to make adjustments. Otherwise, clenching and grinding during the day or at night can cause the teeth to become sensitive. We recommend trying a sensitivity toothpaste especially at night. When brushing at night spit out the excess paste and do not rinse to allow the paste to sit on the teeth. If the area of sensitivity is between the teeth you can dunk the floss in the paste and then floss the area to apply to the paste directly. Again, do not rinse to allow for the paste to sit.

Mouth Sores

We recommend rinsing with Peroxyl and applying Orabase as needed. Both products are made by Colgate and are sold at most drug stores as well as Walmart and Target. If you find these products to be hard to find we do also carry them in the office for your convenience. Please never put aspirin directly on your gum tissue. Also, you will want to avoid spicy acidic food and drinks such as fruit, fruit juice, or salsa.

Jaw Pain

We recommend ibuprofen for jaw pain, it is best for inflammation. We suggest 3 tablets, 3 times a day, for 3 days. You may need some Tums or some type of chalky antacid by the third day. Also, avoid eating crunchy foods or chewing gum and ice. There are four different stretches you can do that may also help with jaw tension. First, press lower jaw forward and hold for ten seconds. Next, you can then press your jaw to the right and hold for ten seconds and then repeat pressing your jaw to the left. Last stretch is opening your mouth like you are yawning and hold for ten seconds. Remember not to bounce your jaw while stretching only steady movements and hold for ten seconds. If you have a night guard and can wear it during the day this can also help.

Surgical Site Post Op

We expect for you to have pain and discomfort. Pain is relative to each person, however, if all of a sudden the pain is unbearable and you cannot get any relief with pain medication and rest please call our office so we can check your sites. Make sure to avoid drinking through a straw, smoking, or using mouthwash for at least 10 days and use your rinsing syringe to keep the site(s) clean. As far as food, listen to your body. If a certain food is uncomfortable to eat wait longer and eat something softer for now.  We recommend refried beans, scrambled eggs, and boost or ensure shakes.

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