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A Dental Office You Can Trust
Enjoy your beautiful smile with the help from our dental office located in Tulsa, Oklahoma.  Dr. Whenry is a family and cosmetic dentist who offers comprehensive patient care. From basic cleanings and exams to advanced sedation surgeries, your needs can be met. She can take your dental care to the next level by offering a wide variety of treatments to create truly customized treatment plans.

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Comfortable Care
Isn't it nice to know there is a dentist that cares about your needs? Our office understands that medical care is expensive. This is why our office always develops prioritized treatment plans that explain treatment costs and estimated insurance coverage. We don't want you to feel the awkwardness of unknown and hidden fees.  In addition to an upfront approach, our highly trained team is always happy to answer any questions you may have.
Safe Environment
We are proud to provide the latest and most comprehensive safety protocols to protect you and your family while you are in our care. We offer shielding aprons with thyroid collars for procedures involving x-rays as well as high powered vacuums to be used when removing old silver fillings. You can feel confident that every precaution available is being used to assure your well being.  

Can a Dental Office Be Green?
 We think so! Our office takes pride in using environmentally friendly practices. Because of this, our office is "paperless". This means that we do not use traditional paper charts. Instead, we use digital charts and digital forms. Once you schedule an appointment to be seen as a new patient in our office, you can fill our the New Patient Forms online. This information is secure and is only shared with our computers. Once you are an existing patient, you can fill out forms for Established Patients. You can also access your account, see your treatment plans, and even pay bills online. This makes life easier for you and reduces unnecessary paper waste.
Our office also uses digital x-rays. We use sensors instead of film. (Do you know that x-ray film packets have a lead lining that is thrown away after each use? This results in lead waste that ends up in our landfills. Traditional x-rays also require a variety of chemicals in order to be developed. This results in chemical contaminates in our water that must be filtered out.) Digital x-rays have no lead packaging and require no chemical developers. Digital systems also expose patients to far less radiation than traditional systems.

We are also proud recycle, and to use environmentally friendly cleaning products. Every effort helps to preserve our planet, and protect our community. 

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